Museo de Arte de Ponce

Museo de Arte de Ponce / 2325 Ave. Las Américas


Guided Tours

Recorridos guiados - Inglés

Partial opening in the Annex Building of the Museo de Arte de Ponce

Guided Tour of the Exhibitions:

"Centenarios" / Centenaries [Artistas puertorriqueños / Puertorrican Artists, Generación del '50 ]

"Notas puertorrieñanas: Donaciones recientes a la colección"

Note: The galleries of the Edward Durell Stone Building are closed due to earthquake damage.

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Historical Place

Historic Building

Terms and Conditions

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Opening Hours

01:00:00 pm to 02:00:00 pm

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Museo de Arte de Ponce / 2325 Ave. Las Américas
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