Salon Boricua

Plaza Juan Ponce de León, Calle León, Ponce, Puerto Rico


Ponce is Ponce Sticker Pack

Los stickers más ponceños están aquí

The most "ponceño" stickers in the world are here! Buy your "Ponce is Ponce Sticker Pack" and pick them up at Salón Boricua Creative Workshop located at Kiosk # 8 at Plaza Juan Ponce de León (Plaza de los Perros) in Ponce. 

Sticker Pack Includes: (x1) Parque de Bombas Sticker, (x1) Carro de Quenepas Sticker, (x1) Vejigante Sticker

Workshop Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10:30am to 2:30pm

About Salón Boricua: 

Salón Boricua was founded in 2018 by Wilmer Jobeth Fernández and Mikeyla Jerian Maldonado. Both creatives are dedicated full-time to the design and creation of art pieces inspired by Boricua History, Culture and Identity. It all started in a small workshop, located in the urban area of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Here began a Creative Entrepreneurship project with the desire to awaken the historical consciousness of Puerto Ricans through education and art.

A year later, in 2019, the company Salón Boricua Creative Group, LLC was certified as part of the Creative Industries of Puerto Rico and was also part of the Cultural Factories of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

They currently have their creative workshop in plaza Juan Ponce de León and their virtual store where you will find a wide variety of stickers, paintings, bracelets, notebooks and 100% Puerto Rican items.


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Términos y condiciones

Restrictions:  Only to redeem in the creative workshop of the Plaza Juan Ponde de Leon from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Exclusive offer of Boyant You can buy as many bundles as you want

Horario de apertura

10:30:00 am to 02:30:00 pm
10:30:00 am to 02:30:00 pm
10:30:00 am to 02:30:00 pm
10:30:00 am to 02:30:00 pm
10:30:00 am to 02:30:00 pm

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Plaza Juan Ponce de León, Calle León, Ponce, Puerto Rico


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